The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

We throw everything at you with this gigantic sundae served in our own specially made sink! We take three sliced bananas, scoops of your choice of up to 8 flavors of ice creams, 8 servings of toppings, mounds and mounds of whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and cherries. Serves one (if you dare) to six people. Perfect for birthdays and special celebrations – 75.95

The Kitchen Sink Sundae Contest
– Win Free Ice Cream for a Year!

Come on in to see pictures of all of the winners of the “Kitchen Sink Challenge”, including Man v Food’s Adam Richman.

UPDATE – September 01, 2023
This year, the current Kitchen Sink record is 20 minutes by Will Morse of Salem, Oregon on August 11, 2023. The time to beat will be capped at 30 minutes. Good Luck!
*The All Time Speed Record is 6 minutes and 41 seconds by Molly Shuyler of Plumas Lake, California on November 15, 2014
*The G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) record occurred on Saturday, April 16th, 2022, Joel Hansen from Ontario Canada finished one Kitchen Sink Sundae in 8 minutes and 30 seconds. He then proceeded to finish ANOTHER Kitchen Sink Sundae in 17 minutes and 56 seconds. Amazing!

Here are the setups, the time limit as of today is stated above and the first person who finishes the sink in less than the time limit stated above will receive Free Ice Cream for a Year! The next person who does the challenge will have to beat the new time and so on and so forth. For example, if someone finishes the sink in 45 minutes, the next person after him or her will have to finish the sink in less than 45 minutes to win free ice cream for a year. If the new record eventually reaches below 30 minutes, we will cap the time at 30 minutes. The original winners will still get free ice cream for a year from the date they broke whatever the record time was.
So, grab your spoons and come on in and beat the sink before the time limit gets too low again…if you do so, you’ll get free ice cream for a year (please read the rules below). We will post the current time-to-beat on the Wall of Fame. Please feel free to give us a call to find out what the current time-to-beat is.

Here are the rules:

*You will have to completely eat the entire contents of the Kitchen Sink Sundae in less than the current record time, including anything that spills anywhere, like a tray or table. You must consume the Kitchen Sink Sundae by yourself. No help is allowed – Any help from someone will result in immediate disqualification. A qualified San Francisco Creamery Co. staff member will monitor your progress and let you know when you have completed the challenge or when you have run out of time.

*Your Kitchen Sink Sundae must consist of 3 bananas, 8 regular size scoops of ice cream, 8 toppings, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries. You may substitute the nuts with another topping.

*Please use the restroom prior to the start of the Kitchen Sink challenge as you may not leave the table once the time has started. You are allowed to stand up and stretch if you desire to do so.

*You are allowed to drink beverages or eat food along with your Kitchen Sink Sundae. All beverages and food must be ordered from our menu.

*If at any point during the challenge period, you vomit, throw up, barf…well you get the picture, you will be immediately disqualified.

*Participation in this contest is strictly voluntary and of your own free will. By participating, you agree to hold harmless to San Francisco Creamery Co. and its representatives for any and all damages to you and/or your property while participating in this challenge. By participating, you agree that we may use your name, likeness and or photo, without remuneration, in our marketing, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter and our website.

*The Kitchen Sink Sundae must be eaten with an utensil (we have big spoons available if you want to use one). You cannot grab the ice cream with your bare hands.

*If you finish the Kitchen Sink Sundae in less than the current record time, it will be FREE! Also, you will receive free ice cream for a year (limited to one single sundae per day). The free ice cream is non-transferrable and can only be redeemed in person by the winner.

*If you have the fastest time, you will get your picture placed in a special frame so that you can be worshipped and admired by legions of ice cream fans for one year or until a worthy challenger can beat your time.

Good Luck!